Leap into Academic Excellence: The Launch of Muslim Politics Review at UIII

May 18, 2023

Contributors: Maroof Ahmed, Achmad Jatnika | Editor: Dadi Darmadi

The Faculty of Social Sciences at Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) launched the "Muslim Politics Review" (MPR) journal on Tuesday, May 9, 2023. The event featured Prof. Vedi Hadiz, the Director and Professor of Asian Studies at the Asia Institute, as the keynote speaker.

Prof. Hadiz commended UIII's ambition in starting the journal, stating, "It's remarkable how swiftly this institution has published such a high-caliber journal. The MPR reflects the ambitions of this faculty and the university."

During his speech, Prof. Hadiz acknowledged the journal's quality as "between good and very good." However, he challenged the editors to strive for excellence, saying, "How can the MPR stand out in the saturated academic world?"

Meanwhile, Aan Suryana, the Managing Editor of MPR, expressed excitement over the positive reception from domestic and international scholars. Scholars actively discuss the journal on social media and in informal discussions during conferences.

"Top international scholars are willing to serve as reviewers. Prof. Hadiz rates the journal's quality as 'between good and very good.' The editorial team is committed to continuous improvement, aiming for excellence and influence in the future," said Aan Suryana.

Prof. Hadiz emphasized attracting top-tier researchers to raise the journal's impact factor and citation rates. He also stressed expanding the journal's reach internationally.

Recognizing academic insularity, Prof. Hadiz saw an opportunity for MPR to help Indonesia's academic community become more outward-looking. He suggested investing in copy-editing and supporting researchers in improving their English skills.

Prof. Hadiz encouraged establishing a distinct identity for the journal with a focus on Muslim politics while remaining inclusive. He proposed strategies to attract high-citation authors, including symposia, calls for papers, and partnerships with other institutions.

Moreover, Prof. Hadiz recommended a three-year plan for maintaining high-quality content, considering partnerships with established publishers, and utilizing the expertise of the International Advisory Board and Editorial Board members.

In his closing remarks, Prof. Hadiz emphasized passion and dedication, stating, "... promoting the journal and maintaining its quality require considerable effort. Despite the risks, the potential rewards in contributing to academic scholarship and research are well worth it." He concluded with a heartfelt note of congratulations and extended his best wishes for the journal's success in its future endeavors.

Faculty of Social Sciences journal can be accessed at journal.uiii.ac.id.