Al-Azhar Deputy Grand Sheikh Hails UIII's Influence, Emphasizes Islamic Moderation

June 23, 2024

Contributor: Kante Hamed | Editor: Dadi Darmadi

DEPOK, Indonesia - In a visit seen as a sign of growing international recognition, Professor Dr. Muhammad adh-Dhuwaini, Deputy Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar University, praised the Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) for its rising influence.

Professor Dr. adh-Dhuwaini's address on Saturday, June 22nd, 2024, at the UIII campus transcended mere diplomatic courtesy, underscoring the university's significance in the field of Islamic education. His speech highlighted Al-Azhar's historic role as a center of Islamic knowledge. "Al-Azhar has served as a beacon of knowledge and scholarship for centuries," he stated, conveying greetings and blessings from the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed Al-Tayeb. 

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A central theme of Prof. adh-Dhuwaini's address was the role of Al-Azhar in preserving the heritage of Islamic tradition. He also spoke on the importance of moderation in Islam. "The essence of Islam lies in moderation," he stressed. He criticized those who distort this concept, "following whims and misguidance," as well as those who advocate for excessive austerity. True moderation, he explained, involves a balanced approach that recognizes the human being as the central focus of Islamic messages, rejecting any form of monasticism.

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Prof. adh-Dhuwaini addressed misconceptions about Al-Azhar's emphasis on preserving Islamic heritage. "Preservation does not equate to regression or retreat," he clarified. "It signifies the solidification of a rich history that forms the bedrock of our faith."

The Deputy Grand Sheikh also elaborated on Al-Azhar's unique educational system. "Comprehensiveness is our core principle," he stated. "We integrate rational and textual sciences with other disciplines." This approach, he explained, facilitates the transition "from understanding and interpretation to documentation, verification, and ultimately, scholarly authority and analysis." 

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Prof. adh-Dhuwaini's visit and speech are seen as a significant development for UIII. His endorsement and Al-Azhar's recognition solidify UIII's position as a rising higher education institution in Islamic education, not only in Indonesia but on the global stage.