Academic Odyssey of Magello Rainer Fenis at UIII

September 15, 2023

Contributor: Maroof Ahmed | Editor: Supriyono

Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII), celebrated for its commitment to academic excellence and cultural diversity, has attracted students from around the globe. Among them is Magello Rainer Fenis, a former college lecturer and youth rights advocate from Luzon Island, Philippines. Magello's journey at UIII offers a compelling glimpse into the university's academic environment, mentorship programs, and overall campus life.

Magello's academic experience at the university has been a blend of rigor and enlightenment. He admits that the journey has not been easy. "I cannot really say that it's easy because, well, we are trained here to read a lot of pages in a week. We are trained here how to write and write and write almost every day," Magello said.

However, he also acknowledges the importance of this rigorous training. According to him, the process is necessary for becoming a scholar. He feels that the lecturers and his peers have helped him become a "better version" of himself compared to his prior self.

Magello believes that his time at UIII has made him more academically mature. "I have learned a lot with the help of my mentors, my lecturers, and professors, not only in terms of academics but also imparting life wisdom," he reflected. This mentorship has been a cornerstone in his academic and personal development.

While the academic experience is intense, Magello emphasizes that it does not overshadow other aspects of life. He mentions that the balance between academic and personal social life is always there. "Academic experience here in UIII is hectic. There will be a lot of days that you will complain [while] writing your assignments, but on the other hand, it will not really remove some aspect [social] of your [social] life," he stated.

One of the reasons Magello chose UIII was the multicultural community. He wanted to be immersed in a society different from where he came from. "I want to be able to be immersed in a community wherein it is multicultural and at the same time, it is different from where I'm from," he explained.

Additionally, Magello was part of the first batch of students at UIII, and he feels like he is part of the start of the university. "I am part of the first students who use the new sofa, the new bed, the new television set," he said, emphasizing the newness of the facilities. He believes that they are building something positive that will create a good academic atmosphere in Indonesia.

Magello's parting message is one of encouragement and inspiration. "If you ever want to pursue what you want to achieve, like studying here or you want to pursue your postgraduate studies, just do it," he advised. He believes that the journey, though difficult, is worthwhile.

Magello Rainer Fenis's journey at UIII is a testament to the transformative power of education. It is not just about academic rigor but also about personal growth, mentorship, and the ability to balance multiple facets of life. His story serves as an inspiration for prospective students, offering a glimpse into the enriching experience that UIII provides.