UIII Takes a Step Towards Global Engagement with New Digital Media Program

April 05, 2023

Contributors: Fatima Zahra | Editor: Supriyono

The Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) has officially launched its Digital Media and Innovation Program on March 1, 2023, in response to the needs assessment for universities to inform, engage and connect with global communities.

The program is specially designed for UIII students and media experts who are interested in developing the university's media platform for the website or social media. Its primary goal is to reach a wider audience while providing a platform for members to channel their skills and expertise.

After careful consideration of the program's initial framework and conceptualization, as well as a competitive recruitment process, UIII is pleased to announce the selection of Batch #1 participants.

These participants come from diverse backgrounds of expertise and nationalities. Given the significance of the program, it is hoped that it will continue to run long-term, and UIII encourages others to join the team in the next cohorts.

Supriyono, a student at the Faculty of Education from Indonesia

“I am feeling humbly honored to be given responsibility as a news editor for this program. I would make it a form of giving back to the community. The university has given me the scholarship, and being in this program is my way of paying back. I hope we're here not just a team, but a family.”

Magello Fenis, a student at the Faculty of Social Science from the Philippines

"I believe that this program is not just a stepping stone for our batch as the pioneer media team, but it could also be a platform for future UIII students who aspire to create a meaningful impact in this digital age. By working together and utilizing our individual skills, we can raise awareness inside and outside the university while also promoting greater student involvement within our community."

Safiullah Junejo, a student at the Faculty of Economics and Business from Pakistan

“I am willing to put my talents in the field of media to work for the benefit of the UIII. I wish to acquire abilities and connections that will assist me in pursuing my love of photography and making vlogs."

Fatima Zahra Fatih, a student at the Faculty of Economics and Business from Morocco

“Having professional experience in social media advertisement, I can attest to the fact that we will learn so much more technical know-how in this program. This program will force me to stretch my imagination and go beyond the boundaries of what's possible.”

Kante Hamed, a student at the Faculty of Islamic Studies from Ivory Coast

“Writing articles will help me much in my desire to complete all the tasks that I will be given while gaining more knowledge and expertise in the media. The program offers the selected students a significant amount of opportunity, and team discussions to generate ideas that are helpful for both university and us.”

Maroof Ahmed, a student at the Faculty of Education from Pakistan

“This program gives me the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded individuals which can help me to broaden my horizons. I hope to develop a range of skills, including digital media production, digital marketing, and social media management. I also expect to learn about different tools and technologies used in digital media and innovation, as well as how to apply them effectively in real-world scenarios.”