UIII Student Wins ‘Best Presenter Award’ at Bali International Conference

July 20, 2023

Contributor: Maroof Ahmed | Editor: Supriyono

Magello Rainer Fenis, an MA in Political Science student at Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII), won the Best Presenter award at the 1st Bali International Conference on Social and Political Sciences. The conference, held on July 10, 2023, focused on the theme of “The Future of Social and Political Science in a Networked Society for Sustainability.”

The conference was hosted by Udayana University's Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, and it was conducted online due to the large number of speakers and presenters from all across Indonesia and the world.

Magello's paper entitled "The Militaristic Pandemic Response of Duterte: How Did It Affect Social Movements?" was part of the panel “Human Rights, Social Justice, and Social Movements” which includes 19 presenters.

“My paper argues that while the Philippine government under Duterte implemented a militaristic and lockdown-centric response during the pandemic, it did not prevent social movements from creating alternative democratic spaces to express their political engagements and organizing,” Magello pointed out.

He elaborated that the increased militarization levels appear to be a result of the government's emphasis on immediate rather than long-term solutions. However, instead of blaming quarantine violators or non-compliant individuals for the rise in virus cases, the focus should be on improving the healthcare system, he continued.

In alignment with the conference theme, Magello was recognized as the top presenter for his research, which showcases the innovative ways in which social movements have responded to the pandemic and possible challenges in the future. This study is crucial in analyzing democracy and social movements in the post-pandemic world.

"I would like to extend my appreciation to the Faculty of Social Sciences at UIII, specifically my lecturers, for their valuable mentorship and guidance. Their teachings during my studies have had a significant impact on my academic pursuits," Magello said. He commended the university for its dedication to student progress and its commitment to conducting high-quality research.

Magello's research aligns with current issues and deepens our understanding of governance, societal reactions, and their effects on human rights and social justice. His accomplishment showcases UIII's commitment to nurturing analytical minds and fostering meaningful discussions for a sustainable future. It inspires curiosity and emphasizes the importance of scholarly research in understanding our evolving world.