UIII Students Successfully Presented Their Papers at the International Summer School

June 24, 2022

uiii.ac.id (Yogyakarta). Four students of the Faculty of Islamic Studies (FIS) Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) had successfully presented their papers at the ENIS/NISIS-MIDA Summer School 2022 event to an audience from various countries, which was held at the Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Sunan Kalijaga campus on June 20 - June 24, 2022.

One of the students of FIS UIII, Rifa Tsamrotus, had the opportunity to present her paper with the title "Seeking Islamic Knowledge to Hadramaut: Indonesian Student and the Islamic Education Practice in Yemen." She acknowledges that this was a wonderful International experience for her because she could gather and share her research among other students, professors and researchers.

"This Summer School program is quite busy, only five days; I feel this short period is like a class condensed into a short course. So at the summer school, we don't just learn how to expand our network. But we are also given the opportunity to widen our knowledge. This has a tremendous impact on me," she said.

Another student, Fahmi, revealed that this was an exciting opportunity because he could make a network with colleagues from abroad and exchange ideas. According to him, the chance to present to friends who are already PhDs is an exciting challenge.

"This is an extraordinary challenge. We give and take critical ideas, we are given suggestions, which builds us in the future so that we can do better in doing research," said Fahmi.

Meanwhile, Nuzul Fitriansyah said this was his first opportunity to deliver a paper fully in English. In his view, this conference is a little different than other conferences because there are responses from different audiences during the discussion, so it is not one-way. However, with this presentation system, he felt that this conference was a unique experience.

"Ordinary conferences are just throwing discourses, and usually there is not enough response for presenters. This discussion panel, however, makes us think hard, and along the way everyone has to read all the papers on the panels we are participating. So it's not just one-way communication. We have to read all the papers included among the NISIS participants," said Nuzul.

Nuzul Fitriansyah presenting his paper at the ENIS/NISIS-MIDA Summer School 2022

On this event, Nuzul presented his paper entitled "New Santri and the Struggle for Identity: Transgender Muslim Group and its Engagement with Pesantren." Later, Fahmi presented his paper entitled "Azharite Muhammadiyah: Ambivalence and Representation of Muhammadiyah Community."

Finally, Mariam Ulpah presented her paper entitled "The impact of Western colonialism and the exploration of Islamic educational reform on contemporary Islamic Higher Education: A comparative case study in Indonesia and Tunisia Islamic Higher Education."