The Faculty of Social Sciences of UIII successfully held FOSS Summer Training

August 25, 2022 (Depok). The Faculty of Social Sciences, Universitas Islam International Indonesia (UIII), has successfully collaborated with the Indonesian Polster Association (Persepi) to organize the "FOSS Summer Training on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods (STQ2M)" event, which was held at the UIII Depok campus in the period 28 July - 16 August 2022. At this event, seven speakers spoke on qualitative and quantitative research methods.

One of the organizers in charge of this event, Djayadi Hanan Ph.D., said that this event was held to contribute to the general public from UIII so that knowledge production and policy production in the Southeast Asia region can be based on a scientific and cutting-edge approach.

In addition, he also said that the material presented in this summer training focused on quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. "With various methodologies and various latest approaches, one of the campuses focuses on research. UIII seeks to help develop research in Indonesia," he said.

One of the speakers at this event, also a Lecturer at UIII and Executive Director of Populi Center, Afrimadona Ph.D., explained that the material he presented, namely quantitative research, is vital to study because it is an essential tool in research for researchers from various circles.

"Therefore, this event is beneficial for students, especially if they are interested in doing quantitative research, whether for their thesis or dissertation or for other research that requires these tools," said Afrimadona.

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences UIII, Philips J. Vermonte, Ph.D., expressed his hope that this event could take place every year and that there would be more participants from outside the UIII campus to deepen their knowledge and update their skills in statistical methods.

"We hope, through this event, we can provide that need, so that will somehow improve the method part of research in Indonesia. This year we cover both qualitative and quantitative research methods. We have modules and demographic research as well as modules on sampling, categorical variable analysis panel data, measurement, and so on. Again, we hope next year we will be organizing this event again," explained Philips.

This event was successful in attracting 70 registrants who came from various circles, both UIII students and parties outside the UIII campus. One of the participants, who is also a master's student at the Faculty of Business Economics UIII, Fahmi Alamil Huda, said that this event was interesting because it provided a broad overview and varied choices in choosing a quantitative or qualitative basis.

He also explained that his quantitative and qualitative research modules were very detailed and exciting. Fahmi also said that the material presented by the Head of Mandiri Institute, Teguh Yudo Wicaksono, was his favorite. "I enjoyed it and was enthusiastic from the beginning of the material delivered to the end as well as the first opportunity for me to use UIII's sophisticated data processing laboratory," he said.