Chief of Presidential Staff Moeldoko : UIII will be a Research Center for Indonesian Civilization

May, 03 2021

( Depok, West Java) The Chief of Presidential Staff, Moeldoko, officially visited the UIII Campus Grounds for the first time on April 20th, 2021. Moeldoko was welcomed by the Rector, Komaruddin Hidayat, as well as the other UIII academics. Soon after Moeldoko arrived, the Mayor of Depok, Mohammad Idris came and joined the event.

The event began with a welcoming speech from the Rector and continued with a presentation of UIII’s current progress, delivered by Bahrul Hayat, the UIII Deputy Rector for Academics and Student Affairs. The welcoming ceremony soon ended with a speech from Moeldoko himself.

In his address, Moeldoko emphasized on accelerating the establishment of UIII, since the target for UIII to start its academic year is by September 2021.

“So, if this has become a project proclaimed by the President (Joko Widodo), let alone a strategic national project there are no excuses about this. Whatever the obstacles, we will sort them out.” Moeldoko declared.

After the welcoming ceremony, Moeldoko toured the premises, visiting the Three Pillars of UIII; the area where the Central Library, Mosque and Rectorate building are located. Moeldoko also reviewed the student apartments and the faculty building, praising the state of it.

Everyone associated with UIII stayed optimistic with the projected dates, where the student admissions will begin by the end of this month. Judging by the preparation of the buildings, most of them are 70% completed.

UIII plans to implement a SMART Campus model, equipped with advanced technological innovations, and to ensure efficient and effective services provided to all university residents.

“Next, when I look at its contents from this moment forth, (UIII) will produce great human resources, which in the future can turn UIII into a flagship university , which has goals that go far beyond (expectation). We will promote Indonesian cultures, and will make a real effort to promote Indonesia in the eyes of the international community,” Moeldoko remarked.