Student Under Spotlight: Maroof’s Journey Towards Academic Excellence

May 14, 2024

Contributor: Achmad Jatnika & Atia Adjani | Editor: Supriyono

UIII, DEPOK - In the academic environment of Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII), Maroof Ahmed, our MA in Education student, emerges as a promising industrious scholar, showcasing a path filled with not only remarkable accomplishments but also noteworthy contributions to the institution's research endeavors and extracurricular undertakings.

Since his admission to UIII, Maroof has been on a relentless quest for knowledge, consistently publishing research papers that have made an impact in the academic community. His research papers affiliated with UIII’s Faculty of Education (FoE) cover a wide range of issues, such as political socialization, mindfulness practices, leadership attributes, stress and coping strategies, teacher aggression, multimodal analysis, and mental lexicon.

His publications have appeared in reputable journals, such as the Pakistan Journal of Educational Research, the International Journal of Innovation in Teaching and Learning, the Journal of Educational Sciences & Technologies, the International Journal of Academic Studies in Science and Education, the International Journal of Education, Language, and Religion, the Pakistan Journal of Social Research, and Linguistica Antverpiensia.

"Diving into the depths of educational research has been both a challenge and a thrill. Each paper represents a piece of the puzzle in understanding the complexities of education and its societal impact," said Maroof while discussing his research journey. 

Maroof’s dedication to academic pursuits extends beyond research publications. He has actively participated in international conferences, presenting his findings to a global audience. Notably, Maroof presented his research on "Exploring the Main Features of Classical Muslim Educational Thought and Practice" at the 2023 CILIS Islamic Studies Postgraduate Conference at The University of Melbourne, Australia.

Additionally, he presented "A Comparative Study of Leadership Attributes of Pakistani and Indonesian Principals in Public Schools" at the 2nd Faculty of Education Annual Conference held at UIII. Maroof’s commitment to UIII's values is also reflected in his involvement in extracurricular activities. He was selected as a participant in the Youth Leader Camp 2023 by Youth Break the Boundaries, Indonesia, demonstrating his leadership skills and commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Moreover, Maroof's engagement in the Media and Innovation Program Fellowship for two consecutive semesters and his voluntary contribution of eleven podcasts to the university's library highlight his dedication to knowledge dissemination and innovation within the academic community. In the words of Maroof himself, "UIII has provided me with an enriching platform to pursue my academic and research interests. I am grateful for the guidance of my mentors and the opportunities to contribute to the university's academic and extracurricular activities. My journey at UIII has been transformative, and I look forward to continuing my academic endeavors and contributing further to the university's vibrant community."

Maroof Ahmed's story is not just a testament to his individual achievements but also an inspiring example of how dedication, curiosity, and active participation in academic and extracurricular activities can enrich the university experience for both students and the institution itself. As UIII continues to nurture scholars like Maroof, it reinforces its position as a hub of academic excellence and innovation in Indonesia and beyond.