Dhian Sintapertiwi’s Journey of Academic and Personal Growth at UIII

September 14, 2023

Contributor: Maroof Ahmed | Editor: Supriyono

Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII), a university that has become a cornerstone for academic excellence and personal development, has welcomed students from diverse backgrounds. Among these students is an Indonesian student, namely Dhian Sintapertiwi, who has recently completed her MA degree from the Faculty of Education.

Currently, she works as a trainer, helping employees at various companies improve their English skills, particularly in the realm of business English. Dhian is also a wife and mother to a five-year-old daughter.

Interestingly, Dhian's journey to UIII was somewhat unplanned. She learned about the university from a friend who shared a scholarship link. "I didn't have any plans at all to continue my education, but when I checked out the link, and then I found the scheme of the scholarship from UIII was exciting, so I decided to try to apply," she said.

Transitioning to the topic of first impressions, Dhian's experience was unique. She spent her first semester studying online due to the pandemic. Despite the virtual setting, she was impressed by the quality of the lectures, which included both local and international faculty. However, her initial in-person impression of the campus was mixed. She described the entrance as "not convincing" but was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the student dormitories, comparing them to a five-star hotel.

Dhian's journey at UIII has not been without its challenges. She mentioned that it was difficult for her to transition back to being a student after nearly a decade in the workforce. She had to make "extra adjustments" to fulfill her responsibilities as a student. Nevertheless, she emphasized that her time at UIII has led to "tremendous personal growth".

On the family front, Dhian considers herself fortunate to have a strong support system. Her husband has been incredibly supportive of her decision to return to academia, and she also receives support from her extended family. She had to make the difficult decision to leave her three-year-old daughter to focus on her studies, but she felt it was necessary for her professional growth.

Dhian had some insightful advice for prospective students. She emphasized the importance of community and suggested that students should "share moments" and "discuss ideas together." She believes that the journey should not be undertaken in solitude, as UIII offers a supportive community.

Lastly, Dhian noted the rapid development of the UIII campus. She has observed significant improvements in the buildings and facilities over her two years at the university. She mentioned the addition of a daycare facility and praised the overall progress.

Dhian Sintapertiwi’s experience at UIII serves as an inspiring narrative for those considering a journey into higher education. Her story is not just about academic achievements but also about personal growth, the importance of community, and the value of a supportive family. It is a holistic view of what a university experience can offer, and it certainly adds another layer to the rich tapestry of student life at UIII.