Historian Prof. Ricklefs Donates Books to UIII

March 29, 2023

Contributor: ANJ | Editor: Supriyono 

An Australian scholar Professor Merle Calvin Ricklefs and his family have generously donated their collections of books to the UIII Central Library. Over a thousand books have been received from Australia to be added to the UIII’s Central Library in Depok, West Java.

Upon receiving the books, Vice-Rector for Research, Collaboration, and Community Engagement Prof. Jamhari Makruf sent a note of gratitude to Prof. Ricklefs and his family, saying that he is really appreciative of the noble act conducted by the well-known, thorough, and productive historian. 

"Prof. Ricklefs is known to be diligent in collecting books about Indonesia, whether [they are] published in Indonesia or outside Indonesia. He is an intellectual who deserves to be emulated," he said.

Prof. Jamhari was also pleased that Prof. Ricklefs and his family provided his personal notes when he conducted research in Indonesia, saying that this is a priceless record. In addition, Prof. Jamhari believes that Prof. Ricklefs' collection of books would provide encouragement for anyone who reads it. 

"Thank you to Prof. Ricklefs. I hope that his services and good deeds will become his charity. And to his family, Mrs. Margaret, his wife, who has been tidying up this collection for months to be brought to Indonesia. Also, his son Norman Ricklefs [who] simplifies and expedites the process of granting Prof. Ricklefs' book collection," Prof. Jamhari said.

The delivery of these books also took place with support from the officials at the Indonesian Consulate General for Australia, who guarded these books to eventually arrive at UIII.

In honor of Professor Ricklefs' contributions to UIII and Indonesian history, the UIII would create a special section dedicated to his works. We cannot wait for our students and faculty to explore this treasure trove of knowledge.