Call for Applications: Center of Islam and Global Challenges (IGC) UIII

February 03, 2023

The Center of Islam and Global Challenges (IGC) at Faculty of Islamic Studies (FIS) is pleased to invite applications for the Center 2023 fellowship. The accepted fellows are expected to reside in UIII campus for 3-5 months, work on papers related to the Center area of interest, and engage effectively with the academic life at Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia including, giving public lectures, attending seminars, and participating in the academic events.

The position is most suitable for people who have just finished their PhDs and seek to use the fellowship to publish a paper based on their dissertations, or scholars who hope to do fieldwork in Indonesia during the time of the fellowship. Also, we are happy to consider applications for the position of associate fellows by MA holders. The center provides housing, return ticket, and a monthly allowance to cover the cost of living in Indonesia. PhD holder will receive 15,000,000 Indonesian rupiah per month while MA holders get 10,000,000 monthly.

Applications can be sent to Dr. Haula Noor at The reviewing of applications will begin immediately and continue until 28, February 2023. The application should include:

  • A cover letter (explaining why you would like to stay at the Center and how you would contribute to the intellectual life at FIS). The name of your cover letter should be containing your name and qualification (example: your name_MA/PhD)
  • A CV (max. 4 pages)
  • A research proposal (1000-1500 words, including the abstract)
  • two reference letters
If you need further information, please, do not hesitate to contact us at

Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia

Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) or Indonesian International Islamic University (IIIU) is a newly established graduate institution that provides seven schools and offers various academic programs focusing on the study of Islam and the Muslim world. The university also has various research centers with specific expertise to respond to strategic issues and challenges related to Muslim society worldwide. To preserve and promote Islamic culture and civilization, including Indonesia’s rich and diverse ones, UIII develops an umbrella institution dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of Muslim heritage in the region, and establishes a museum to exhibit a collection of artifacts with historical, aesthetical and scientific significance to the Muslim world.

Center of Islam and Global Challenges

Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Islam is largely seen as a problem which we need to study, analyze and resolve. The vision of this center, instead, is to place Islam in conversation with various global challenges. Rather than perceiving Islam as a problem, the center seeks to highlight the potentiality of Islam in inspiring creative ways to think of the world problems. As living in the same world, the center assumes that Muslims have an obligation to share the responsibility of finding solutions to the challenges that confront the whole humanity, and also that they have a right for their voice to be heard. The terms of Islam and global challenges are used in the broadest sense. Islam is understood as religion, tradition, civilization and culture. Similarly, we refrain from limiting the global challenges to be seven, fourteen, or twenty. Rather, we use the term to signify the contemporary problems that endanger humans as a whole. Climate change, environmental crisis, and peacekeeping predictably come within the purview of the center, but also issues like abnormal justice, ethical degradation and posthumanism remain integral parts of our interests.