Secretary of the Faculty of Islamic Studies: Visiting Scholar to Strengthen UIII-Edinburgh Partnership

November 18, 2022

UIII.AC.ID, EDINBURGH - Going Global Partnership is a two-year partnership programme between Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia and the University of Edinburgh, which began with the signing of an MOU in early 2022. Various activities, including visiting scholarships and student exchanges, have been implemented to strengthen the partnership between the two universities.

Dr Yanwar Pribadi, the Secretary of the UIII Faculty of Islamic Studies, had the opportunity to become the second person from UIII to participate in the visiting scholars' programme in the Going Global Partnership, following Professor Noorhaidi Hasan, the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies, in May 2022.

For six weeks - starting on October 19, 2022 - Dr Pribadi will teach a number of sessions in two courses at the University of Edinburgh, Regional Perspectives in a Globalised Muslim World and Muslim Societies in Southeast Asia. Dr Pribadi, who has interests in contemporary political Islam and contemporary Islamic history, added, "I used this chance also to focus on my research, engaging with scholars from all over the University of Edinburgh as needed."

Dr Yanwar Pribadi with some faculty members of the Alwaleed Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World and School of Divinity

The Going Global Partnership provides opportunities for student exchange, joint teaching, and academic conferences. Therefore, Dr Pribadi's presence will aid in the process of establishing the curriculum and programme policies.

Currently, the Faculty of Islamic Studies of UIII has sent two students for the student exchange program, and will send two more students in 2023. Meanwhile, the University of Edinburgh has sent visiting scholars Dr Siti Sarah Muwahidah (Going Global Partnership Project Leader), who came to UIII for two months in June 2022, and Professor Frédéric Volpi, Chair in the Politics of the Muslim World and Director of the Edinburgh Alwaleed Centre.

From left to right: Professor Frédéric Volpi, Dr Yanwar Pribadi, Dr Siti Sarah Muwahidah

Thus, it is anticipated that the placement of Dr Pribadi will deepen the partnership between UIII and the University of Edinburgh. In the future, Dr Syamsul Rijal, the Head of the Department for Doctoral Program of the UIII Faculty of Islamic Studies, will continue to enhance this collaboration as the third visiting scholar from UIII. (AD)