Director of the Muslim World League: I am delighted to see the view on this campus

August 31, 2022

On Tuesday, August 30, 2022, the Director of the World Muslim League, Abdurrahman Mohammad Amin al-Khayyat, visited the UIII campus accompanied by the former Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. (H.C.) H.M. Jusuf Kalla. This visit was intended to know the UIII campus and contribute, especially by filling out books in the UIII library.

The former Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Indonesia expressed delight in visiting the UIII campus. "Today, I am delighted to be able to come to UIII, and my presence is an invitation from the honorable former Vice President Jusuf Kalla," said Abdurrahman.

During his visit, he toured the constructed UIII campus building. He also has a chance to pray the dhuhr prayer at the Rahmatan Lil Alamin Mosque. Abdurrahman expressed his hope that UIII would become a significant contribution and valuable gift for Muslims and humankind worldwide.

"Actually, I am delighted to see the view on this campus, the buildings, the mosque, the mock-up plan, and the great vision of this campus in the future, and I pray to Allah SWT (so that UIII) becomes a big campus and is beneficial for Muslims and humankind in the world," he hopes.

During this visit, he was warmly welcomed by Prof. Komaruddin Hidayat (The Rector of UIII), Prof. Jamhari (Vice-Rector for Research, Cooperation, and Community Engagement), Bahrul Hayat (Vice-Rector for Academic, Human Resource, and Student Affairs), Chaider S. Bamualim (University Secretary), Prof. Amsal Bakhtiar (Director of Business Development), M. Rifqi Muna (Chairman of the UIII Academic Senate), Prof. Dian Masyita (Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business), and Prof. Nina Nurmila (Dean of the Faculty of Education).