25 UIII’s civitas academics preparing their Australian Awards Indonesia Short Course

July 28, 2022

uiii.ac.id (Depok). Twenty-five civitas academics from the Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) were selected to participate in the Australia Award Indonesia (AAI) Short Course program.

Australia Award Indonesia (AAI) Short Course is a program to provide Indonesian professionals and future leaders the opportunity to access professional development at reputable Australian tertiary education institutions, funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to increase their networks globally. One of the aims of this program is to develop links between UIII and Australian campuses. This program is divided into three series: pre-course, mid-course, and post-course.

In the span of 26-28 July 2022, the first series of this program, the pre-course, has been implemented. In this series, the participants get an in-depth understanding of what they will do, up to the output that the participant will make later.

On the first day, the Rector of UIII, Prof. Komaruddin Hidayat, and Second Secretary (political) of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Ashton Papazahariakis, opened this pre-course event. The event continued with two AAI Short Course technical material presentations and mentorship from two Daekin University lecturers, Course Leader Prof. Shahram Akbarzadeh and Dr. Zahid Ahmed.

In addition, participants were also given the material on course overview, key objectives, participant expectations, and the Internationalization of Education: Insights from Australia, Islam and Islamic studies in Australia.

On the second day, the Country Manager Deakin International Indonesia Office from Deakin University, Lina Darliana, explains how Deakin College Indonesia, part of Deakin University's International office, is expanding its business in Indonesia.

Afterward, three AAI alumni, Olivia Hadiwirawan, Haryani Saptaningtyas, and Efi Darliana Tetrawati, shared their experiences as participants in this event. On this occasion, they explained the details of the project they had previously made. The event continued with brainstorming from 25 participants, pitching ideas, and designing their Award Projects.

On the last day, 25 participants presented their award project designs, which were mentored directly by Prof. Sharman and Dr. Zahid and conducted pre-departure presentations. On this day, the event was officially closed by Prof. Jamhari Makruf as Vice-Rector for Research, Collaboration, and Community Engagement.

After carrying out a series of pre-courses, participants will carry out a two-week mid-course from August 12-28, 2022 by visiting and benchmarking seven campuses in Australia, namely Deakin University, Monash University, The University of Melbourne, The Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, and RMIT University.

During the visit, participants will learn about how the seven campuses manage their internationalization, financial management, and Information Technology departments. However, the participants followed their chosen streams based on their application.