Editorial: Applying to Doctoral (Ph.D) Programs at UIII

May 21, 2022

UIII.AC.ID, DEPOK - "The struggle of experts in the fields they are studied with for years, even a lifetime, shows their dedication to science. Meanwhile, their dedication proves by contributing original research findings or new theories in certain fields that are beneficial to the academic world."

The admissions for new students for the academic year 2022-2023 at Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) has been opened on May 20, 2022, and will close on June 30, 2022. We think that the 40 days available are sufficient for the enthusiasts to prepare everything, including the conditions set by the university's admission committee.

There are two interesting things to note about this year's new student admissions. Namely, first, if in the previous academic year UIII only accepted students for the master's program (MA), then this year UIII opens student admissions for the doctoral program (Ph.D.). 

Second, if in the previous academic year all students registered through the scholarship program, now UIII also opens registration through an independent channel (self-funded), where applicants will pay for their own studies. This independent plan is valid for both Master’s program and Doctoral program.

The opening of these two registration pathways is certainly not to limit the scholarship recipients. This is because the available allocation for the scholarship pathway has not changed, namely 200 for the MA program and 100 for the Ph.D. program. If UIII only opens scholarship pathways, won't it limit the opportunities for other prospective students (non-scholarships) to study at this campus? Therefore, through independent channels or self-financing, UIII actually opens the widest possible opportunities for those who are interested in registering and competing to get admission at UIII.

The start of the doctoral program also shows that UIII looks ready, both in terms of campus facilities, curriculum, and human resources or teaching staff. As a relatively new campus (the groundbreaking ceremony was carried out by President Joko Widodo on June 5, 2018), and only starting its semesters in 2021, so the opening of the doctoral program is a courage that should be appreciated.

With the current capacity of UIII, the target that is designed for students is not to get a doctoral degree itself, nor to produce as many doctors as possible, but the quality of its doctoral candidates. As said by the UIII Vice-Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Bahrul Hayat, Ph.D., during a press conference for new student registration on the UIII campus on May 13, 2022, "We have very high-quality standards that we try to maintain. So, if there are prospective students who just want to get a degree, don't bother to come here."

We commonly understand that a doctorate degree is the highest degree a student can attain. These degrees are awarded in a variety of fields, including science, engineering, humanities, economics, management and others. The term philosophy attached to the title does not only refer to the discipline of philosophy but to a broader meaning according to the original meaning of the word, namely love of wisdom or knowledge.

The struggle of experts in the fields they have studied for years, even a lifetime, shows their love for science. Meanwhile, their dedication is proven by contributing original research findings or new theories in certain fields that are beneficial for the academic world, and broadly for the community.

In other words, your study for a doctorate is not primarily focused on the degree itself, but on what you will be contributing to the world. Of course, after you get your Ph.D., you have the opportunity to get a better academic or professional positions, but still what is required of you is to build new theories and advance science.

Not everyone has such high aspirations to achieve a doctorate for various reasons. Not everyone is ready to face the tough and difficult times in conducting research during the doctoral study process. The process requires hard work, struggle, sacrifice, perseverance, fortitude, and patience.

These qualities, obviously, are not possessed by everyone. It even tends to be avoided by many. But if you have those qualifications, and are ready to live up to the hardship and high expectation, then you are a special person. We are waiting for you at UIII. We wish you good luck on the admissions. (ag)