Research Collaboration Plans by Roel van der Veen

December, 17 2021

UIII.AC.ID, DEPOK - On November 17, 2021, The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands sent representatives to UIII, Professor Roel van der Veen. He had the opportunity to visit UIII for a discussion and to see the buildings that have been completed as well as those that are still under development.

The intention of the meeting was to discuss the academic and cultural partnerships between UIII and the Dutch government. One of the things that drew attention was the opportunity for research collaboration between UIII and other universities in the Netherlands. After the revitalization of Landhuis Cimanggis, the future use of it was also discussed.

Landhuis Cimanggis after Revitalization in 2021

Professor Roel remarked on how impressed he was with UIII, not only with the architecture but also with UIII's vision and mission. UIII has a strong desire to build a cultural monument and even revitalize historical structures. He believes UIII has the potential to be a great university in the future, and the Dutch are delighted to work with UIII.

Professor Roel was returned to UIII for the second visit on December 7, 2021, after which the initial meeting was considered a success. The visit appears to be a little different because this time he is accompanied by Margreet van Till.   During the visit, Margreet van Till, who is a researcher and Dutch accomplished writer, gives UIII two of her books, which are entitled Banditry in West Java and Batavia Kala Malam. A picture of Landhuis Cimanggis was captured by Professor Roel himself in the 1990s, and it is documented in one of her books.

"Batavia Kala Malam" and "Banditry in West Java 1869 - 1942" given to the Rector of UIII

The purpose of the second visit is to discuss in closer detail the academic partnership between UIII and the embassy, as well as to offer advice to UIII. Due to a lack of time and bad weather, they decided did not to visit Landhuis Cimanggis.

Landhuis Cimanggis in 1990s photgraphed by Roel van der Veen

With the progression of Dutch Embassy delegation visits to UIII, this partnership will hopefully be realized shortly. UIII hopes that this will have a significant impact on improving Indonesian higher education. [ad]