UIII Rector: Let's Build a Strong Institution like a "Bee Colony"

June 17, 2021

uiii.ac.id: Depok - UIII Rector Prof. Komaruddin Hidayat inaugurated three officials at the student residence hall on Tuesday (15/06). The officials inaugurated were Hatta Auliya, S.E as the Head of Sub-Division of Administration, Bureau of Organization, Personnel and Law Affairs, M. Nurhidayat S.Pd.I as the Head of Sub-Division of Administration, General Administration Bureau of University Secretariat, and Imansari Ujianty, S.Sos as the Head of Sub-Division of the University Secretariat Administration.

Present as witnesses of the inauguration were UIII Secretary, Dr. Chaider S. Bamualim as well as the Director of Human Resources and Business Development, Prof. Dr. Amsal Bakhtiar. The inauguration ceremony was also attended by a number of the university’s officials.

On the occasion, Prof. Hidayat first expressed his pride and gratitude on UIII’s journey, stating that UIII has become a visionary, one of its kind by combining three concepts, namely Islam, international, and Indonesia. It means that, in line with the Islamic concept of rahmatan lil’alamin, UIII as a university truly embraces the creation of an inclusive and universal multicultural community.

“Our religion teaches us that there is no room for hate even for those who have different beliefs from us,“ Komaruddin said. Therefore, peace, compassion, and tolerance among mankind and all God’s creatures become the essential values of UIII.

Komaruddin also hoped that the newly inaugurated officials are ready to accept the mandate and responsibility given to them and commit to work together to realize the noble vision and mission of UIII.

To end his remarks, Komaruddin said that a strong institution is like a “bee colony” where everyone works hand in hand in pursuit of a common goal efficiently and effectively. As a newly established university that is designed to be a cultural heritage, it is crucial for UIII to have a well-coordinated unit like a bee colony from the beginning. Each individual inside the institution may have different tasks, but the tasks are still synchronized with each other. What can’t be done alone, can be done together. (aa)