IIFA is Optimistic that UIII will be a Prominent Model for Islamic Studies and Culture

June 14, 2021

uiii.ac.id: Depok - International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA) delegation paid their first visit to the International Islamic University of Indonesia on Friday (11/06).

In this inaugural visit, the Secretary General of IIFA, Koutoub Moustapha Sano was accompanied by the Director of the Family, Woman, Childhood, and Elderly Affairs, Sarah Amjd Badewi and the Head of the Finance Department, Khalid Ahmed. The group was welcomed by all UIII academics at the student residence hall.

The visit was started by showing UIII’s profile video to the delegation. IIFA Secretary General said that he was thrilled to visit UIII, a university designed to be the center of Indonesian culture and Islam in Southeast Asia and beyond. He warmly welcomed the opportunity for cooperation between IIFA and UIII in various aspects. "IIFA is very open and ready to cooperate with UIII in various aspects. We are optimistic that UIII will be an international university that gives birth to great intellectuals, and we are more than happy to contribute to its realization," Koutoub stated.

The intention was highly appreciated by Prof. Jamhari, UIII Vice Rector for Cooperation, Research, and Institutional Affairs who always encourages cooperation with any institution that intends to contribute for the advancement of UIII. The opportunities for cooperation between these two institutions will continue to be reviewed, to make sure it is executed properly. Prof. Jamhari also explained that the university has launched its first four faculties, namely Faculty of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Business, and Faculty of Education.

In one of the sessions, UIII Secretary Dr. Chaider S. Bamualim presented the development of UIII and the opening of four faculties in front of the delegation who listened enthusiastically. The event was closed with Prof. Jamhari giving Koutoub Moustapha Sano a placard as a memento from UIII to IIFA.