UIII Rector Prof. Komaruddin Hidayat Inaugurated Vice Rector, Deans, and UIII Officials

May 06, 2021

Depok (Kemenag) – The Rector of the Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII) Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat inaugurated the Vice Rector, Deans, and Head of the Information and Communication Technology Center at UIII Depok Campus, Friday (23/04).

Four new officials were appointed, namely; Bahrul Hayat, Ph.D as Vice Rector for Academic, Student and Human Resources, Prof. Noorhaidi, S. Ag, MA, M. Phill, Ph.D as the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Dr. Philips Jusairo Vermonte as the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Chandra Baskoro Budi Nugroho, ST, MBA as the Head of the Center for Information and Communication Technology.

Some university executives were present as witnesses of the inauguration, namely the Vice Rector for Cooperation, Research and Institutions Prof. Dr. Jamhari and the Secretary of UIII Dr. Chaider S. Bamualim.

To the newly inaugurated officials, Komaruddin Hidayat hopes that they can jointly realize the ideals, visions and missions of UIII. "In the hands of our brothers, we hope, we mandate, and we entrust it to realize our common ideals, namely the ideals of UIII. I am sure that what moves us to be together here at UIII is because we have the same ideals, visions and missions, which unite us, "said Komaruddin.

Komaruddin said, ideals and thoughts are like the “mother of deeds.” "We move beyond our activities; they are driven by vision, missions and thoughts. And our thoughts are much bigger than our physical boundaries, our thoughts reach wider than our territorial domain," explained Komaruddin.

He revealed that the existence of UIII was created from a shared mind set, thoughts and shared imagination. "And today is a strategic, historical step, that we are moving towards a more formal direction; which at first was just a dream, imagination, mindset. Now we have started pouring it into an institution. Thus, we must keep the mindset, that the ideals are much bigger than what has been achieved so far. In fact, this is like stepping 100 km forward, even perhaps 1000 km.”

“We have started from the first step, "he said.