UIII Masterclass 2024 Addresses the Nexus of Artificial Intelligence and Islam

July 02, 2024

Contributor: Atia Adjani | Editor: Supriyono

In collaboration with the University of Leiden and KITLV-Jakarta, the UIII Faculty of Islamic Studies (FIS) held its third Annual Masterclass 2024 by bridging the worlds of Artificial Intelligence and Islam through the theme “The Future of Artificial Intelligence in/and of Islam”. The opening ceremony was held on Tuesday, July 2, 2024, at the UIII Theater Room of the Faculty A Building in Depok, West Java.

The three-day international workshop is convened by the Dean of FIS Prof. Noorhaidi Hasan, Faculty Secretary Prof. Yanwar Pribadi, and Prof. Bart Barendregt, Professor of Digital Anthropology from Leiden University. The event addresses the nexus of digital technologies and religion, offering an opportunity to explore the dynamic intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and Islam. 

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The theme focused on the profound implications arising from the co-production of digital and religious futures, addressing ethical dilemmas, and comparing AI and Islam. The topics range from AI and Spirituality, AI and Islamic Ethics, AI Challenges to Islamic Organizations and Institutions, and AI and Islamic Education, delivered by prominent speakers such as Dr. Amanah Raquib, Dr. Ismail Fahmi, and Prof. Gary Bunt, as well as Prof. Bart Barendregt and Prof. Ade Jaya Suryani as the discussants. 

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In addition to the above topics, the third day of the event will feature a set of thematic master classes specifically on the role of AI and Islam in respectively Education and Ethics, and the Methods required for this kind of research, aimed at local early career scholars. 

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UIII aims to offer a comprehensive Islamic education and Islamic studies to global audiences. Its progressive approach to education is reflected in its unwavering commitment to organizing international workshops and masterclasses. UIII initiated its Annual Masterclass in 2022 with the theme “Digital Humanities and Islam”, followed by the second Masterclass event in 2023 with the theme “Digital Islamic Studies.”