Indonesian Generosity Hospitability: The Tradition of Farewell Lunches with Professors at UIII

February 26, 2024

Contributor: Nouha Khelfa | Editor: Dadi Darmadi

UIII, DEPOK - Not only do academic endeavors come to an end at the end of a semester, but long-lasting relationships between instructors and students are also formed. A beloved custom has developed at Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) where instructors give their students goodbye meals to promote friendship and unity. the importance of these meetings, highlighting an unforgettable experience in which Technological Advancement class professor Rifqi Muna led his Ph.D. and Master's students to Sari Kuring Sunda in Depok. Despite the students' varied cultural origins, this event emphasizes the chance for socialization outside of the classroom and the celebration of cultural values

At UIII, farewell meals represent more than just a semester-ending custom; they act as a link between academic guidance and interpersonal connections. These get-togethers provide an opportunity for instructors and students to relax, think, and deepen their relationships outside of the classroom. Professors learn more about their students' personal stories while students show thanks for their mentorship through meals and conversations together.

Professor Rifqi's arrangement of a goodbye lunch for his eclectic group of Master's and Ph.D. students is a remarkable example of this custom. By selecting Sari Kuring Sunda in Depok, which is well-known for its genuine Sundanese cuisine, Professor Rifqi created an event that honored the culinary legacy of Indonesia as well as the solidarity of his global student body. Students from different ethnic backgrounds gathered around the table, laden with dishes of Nasi Liwet and Sate Maranggi, to partake in the comforts of camaraderie and friendship.

With all of the delicious smells and belly laughs, the goodbye lunch with Professor Rifqi went beyond academic conversation and allowed students to really connect with their mentor. A spirit of belonging blossomed as barriers vanished through storytelling and shared experiences. Students were able to express their goals and cultural viewpoints thanks to Professor Rifqi's support of candid conversation, which strengthened the bonds among their academic community.

The way that Professor Rifqi gave his students a special meal serves as a perfect example of hospitality that is deeply rooted in Indonesian culture. The act of sharing a meal represents inclusion and kindness, two key characteristics revered in Indonesian society, regardless of the varied origins of the students. Professor Rifqi embodied the spirit of harmony and togetherness in the academic community by welcoming students from many ethnic backgrounds and showing them a warm reception.

The custom of goodbye meals at UIII is a symbol of the strong relationship that exists between professors and students despite distance and cultural differences. We see how meals shared with others may build relationships and appreciate cultural variety via the prism of Professor Rifqi's Technological Advancement class. Along with their academic knowledge, students say goodbye to one semester and bring with them priceless memories of friendship and cross-cultural interactions. UIII continues to foster an atmosphere where students from all backgrounds feel appreciated and welcomed in the spirit of generosity and hospitality.