UIII's Commitment to Palestinian Solidarity

The pursuit of peace in Palestine gained new momentum at the Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII) with the Association of Social Science Students (ASSIST) hosting their first Social Lens event, "Navigating Diplomatic Roadblocks: Palestine's Struggle for Peace," on June 28, 2024. This significant gathering united experts and advocates to address the ongoing conflict and explore viable solutions.

Prominent figures including Dr. Zuhr Al-Suhr, Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia; Dr. Rijal Al-Huda, Deputy Director of Middle East Affairs III; and Dr. Ulil Abshar Abdalla of Nahdlatul Ulama shared their insights during the event, moderated by Moc. Faisal, Ph.D., a lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FOSS).

UIII Rector Prof. Dr. Jamhari opened the seminar by stressing the importance of academic engagement with global issues. Dean of FOSS, Philips Vermonte, PhD, echoed this sentiment, noting that such discussions are vital for developing informed and peaceful solutions for Palestine. Both university leaders affirmed their alignment with Indonesia's clear stance on this issue.

Reflecting this alignment, UIII leaders support the Indonesian government's firm commitment to Palestinian solidarity. Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi underscored Indonesia's consistent defense of the Palestinian people in a recent lecture at Gadjah Mada University. Despite global pressures and challenges, Indonesia has maintained its principles, earning international respect. Marsudi's steadfast stance has also led to her appointment by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to advocate for Palestine alongside other foreign ministers.

Dr. Zuhr Al-Suhr expressed profound gratitude for Indonesia's support, highlighting the historical coexistence in Palestine, disrupted by imperialistic actions, particularly by Israel. His emotional appeal for solidarity—through prayers, material aid, or intellectual support—deeply resonated with the audience.

Dr. Rijal Al-Huda provided a sobering update on the Gaza situation, with staggering casualties and widespread displacement. His report underscored the urgent need for international and academic intervention to alleviate suffering and seek peaceful resolutions.

K.H. Ulil Abshar Abdalla offered a personal and emotional perspective, conveying his deep connection to Palestine and frustration over the ongoing violence. He reaffirmed Nahdlatul Ulama's commitment to supporting Palestine and advocating for peace, highlighting the unifying effect of the Palestinian cause on Indonesians.

The event concluded on a powerful note with calls for continued support and solidarity with Palestine. The enthusiastic participation of students from various faculties demonstrated the event's success in fostering a sense of global responsibility and activism within the academic community. []