Craft a Better World and Pioneering Research Focused on Islam and Society

As I reflect on the journey of Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia, I'm compelled to share the essence of what makes this institution truly remarkable.

In 2016, we laid the foundation for something special—a state university with a purpose. UIII became a canvas for preserving cultural values, emphasizing Islamic studies, and engaging with the global community.

In these transformative years, UIII has evolved into a dynamic hub, offering 11 advanced programs across faculties—Islamic Studies, Social Science, Economics and Business, and Education.

Beyond being an academic institution, UIII represents Indonesia's success story—a testament to our ability to harmonize Islam, modernity, and democracy. It's a shared success, defining our identity.

As I envision the future, UIII's purpose is clear: To craft a better world through superior graduate education and pioneering research focused on Islam and society.

Our mission is the heartbeat of our existence—delivering top-notch postgraduate education, fostering innovative research, and contributing to science and social welfare.

To preserve the very essence of our heritage, UIII is dedicated to establishing an institution committed to studying, preserving, and promoting Muslim heritage.

At UIII, this reflection isn't just about our past and present; it's an invitation to join a community where knowledge, culture, and progress converge. Together, let's shape a future grounded in our shared values for a better world.

I'm humbled to lead Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia—Nurturing Higher Education, Building a Better World.

Thank you,

Prof. Dr. Jamhari

Rector, Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia