Convocation Academic Year 2023/2024

Welcome to Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (IIIU/UIII), a place where academic excellence meets cultural diversity and where dreams and aspirations find a nurturing home.

Today, as the Rector of this esteemed institution, it is my great honor to officially welcome each and every one of you who comes from different regions, countries, and continents across the globe to be part of our vibrant academic community.

As we stand here today, we mark the beginning of your journey into the heart of UIII, where we are dedicated to shaping not just students but future leaders, scholars, and contributors to the global community.

This Convocation Day 2023 not only marks the journey of your academic voyage 2023/2024 but more than that.

You may be wondering why you are here. The answer lies in your pursuit of academic and scientific development. Our university comprises four faculties: Islamic Studies, Education, Economics and Business, and Social Sciences, all of which boast world-class educators who are committed to shaping minds and nurturing talents.

Our journey, from the inception of this campus, began with a big dream. A dream to create an academic institution that embodies knowledge, compassion, and progress. UIII provides internationally standardized education, that attempt to combine three main traditions: the Middle Eastern textual approach to knowledge, Western empirical and analytical thinking, and enriched with the vibrant, multicultural, and democratic context of Indonesia where we are now living and studying.

Our campus is special because it's a place where you can explore the Muslim world from Indonesian lenses. Indonesia is known for its diverse cultures, traditions, and history, and it's also the world's largest Muslim-majority democracy. So, being here allows you to study the Muslim world in a unique Indonesian context in a peaceful environment.

Here, within the serene confines of our campus perimeter, I encourage you to momentarily embrace every aspect of this experience as a valuable piece of your academic patchwork, a tapestry that you will weave throughout your time here.

At IIIU/UIII, our aim transcends the national standard. We are committed to contributing to academic excellence and the advancement of Muslim civilization, enriched by the cultural diversity and the vast of Indonesian archipelago.

Many issues concerning the Muslim world have been written about extensively by Western scholars. We hope that you, as students of IIIU, will add your voices and perspectives to the global discourse. You will be the authors about your selves, your country, the subjects of global conversations about the Muslim world.

I also want to emphasize that the UIII scholarships come from the Indonesian government come with a big responsibility. These scholarships are funded by taxpayers, the people of Indonesia. As recipients, you must maintain the highest standards of academic ethics and achievement.

Congratulations, you were selected because of your potential, and your duty is to embrace your studies with diligence, immerse yourself in the realm of scientific knowledge within your respective disciplines, and strengthen your academic knowledge, methods, and skills.

Remember, education is not just a preparation for the future jobs as a small parts of big machines of capitalism; it is a journey with meaning, that will open doors to a more complex and enlightened world.

So, learning extends beyond the classroom. Embrace the opportunity to socialize, make friends, and interact with people from different walks of life. Embrace the wisdom of multiculturalism, for it is in diversity that we find strength.

Beyond academics, we also encourage you to be active in engaging with the community and learning to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Today, I encourage you to celebrate the power of ideas and the brilliance of the human mind. Let your ideas flourish, and remain open-minded in your pursuit of knowledge. As postgraduate students, your role is not just to speak but to listen and learn deeply within your respective fields of study.

In closing, remember that the journey you embark upon today is not one you take alone. You join a community of scholars, thinkers, and dreamers who are committed to making a positive impact on the world. Embrace this journey, for it is the path to personal and collective growth.

Welcome to Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia, where the pursuit of knowledge knows no boundaries. Congratulations on this momentous occasion, and I look forward to witnessing your achievements in the years to come.

Thank you

Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat

Rector, Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia