Ending Conflict for Genuine Peace in the Palestine

It is an honor for UIII to have this very important forum to discuss about one of the most perennial issues to seek peace for Palestine.

  1. We, the world, have witnessed the problem of Palestine that emerged as remnants of the First World War, since the initiative to set-up the Jewish state of Israel started with Balfour Declaration 1917.  
  2. The peak was 1948 when Israel declared independence. Since then, series of violent conflict and wars between Israel and the Arab continue to explode and created suffering and misery for Palestine. 
  3. Arab-Israeli conflict has been major problem not only for the Middle East but also for the world. And conflict Palestine become one of the worst most protracted and intractable conflict, that continue to be a center of gravity for reproduction of violent. 
  4. The United Nations has condemned the Israeli occupation to Palestine and release many-many UN resolutions. Unfortunately, the UN resolutions are toothless, but also the Muslim world especially Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) also only end-up in condemnations, while the occupation of Palestine violent conflict continue to happen until today.
  5. We should learn from the reality of protracted violent conflict of Arab-Israel conflict in and over the Palestinian land that have not been solve due to reality of global politics, the existing of Western colonial hegemony lead by the US and Europe that generally support the politics and operationalization of occupation the Palestine land. Continuation of zero-sum violent conflict in Palestine is inhumane. It is indeed very disturbing for humanity.
  6. Interestingly, strategic shift happened with the Abraham Accord was achieved between United Arab Emirates (UEA) and Bahrain were, respectively, that pushing the normalization of diplomatic relations with Israel.  The trend to be followed by other Arab countries.  Sudan would become the fourth country - along with the UAE, Morocco and Bahrain - to normalise ties with Israel as part of the US-backed Abraham Accords.
  7. Unfortunately, the Accord that take the common belief of the Abrahamic religions—particularly Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—regarding the role of Abraham as a patriarch, seems forgetting the position of Palestinian people. Until today, event last week we saw how Israel military attacked violently to Palestinian in the mosque compound of Masjid Al-Aqsha.
  8. The Palestine issue, Indonesian government and its people keep consistent to support globally and locally for peaceful solution for the Palestine at all fronts, as mandated by the Indonesian constitution. Even, Palestine issue has become domestic political issue in Indonesia as we seen in election campaign, and later, the dramaturgy of FIFA World Cup U20.  
  9. So, in today's forum at I do hope we can discuss ideas and thoughts to promote for peaceful resolution for the Palestine, in the backdrop of complexity of Palestinian in the trajectory of Arab-Israel conflict. It is matter of responsibility for humanity to help our brothers of Palestine, while we need to consider the approach that based on based on humanity, just and civilized manner

Finally, again, I would like to extend our hand to NU that involving many elements to conduct this majlis of episteme of humanity for conflict transformation for peaceful Palestine in a new brave world. 

Thank you