Strengthening Bonds: UIII’s Commitment to Family Reunification Amidst Academic Pursuits

January 01, 2024

Contributor: Nouha Khelfa | Editor: Ari Stoltze

UIII.AC.ID , DEPOK - Universitas Islam International Indonesia (UIII) goes beyond the traditional norms of education in appreciating the role of family in students’ academic pursuits. To promote a supportive learning environment, UIII understands that family ties are pivotal. By doing this, UIII ensures that families can come together while one member is studying. This makes the institution stand out among other institutions and demonstrates its commitment to all-round education that covers both parents and children.

UIII knows that students’ relatives are influential in their success. That is why UIII tries to make campus life more comfortable for those undergraduates whose close people still remain vital to them even during their studies. The main focus of this institution is to ensure that it provides a conducive environment that will enable students to maintain a great concentration on their academics while still being connected with families. M. Ahmed Ali Al-Aini, a Ph.D. candidate in political science at UIII, described his academic performance at UIII after reuniting with his spouse, “Being with my wife positively influenced my academic performance, motivating me to excel and achieve high grades in my studies.”

UIII has instituted efficient channels for speeding up family reunions through seamless procedures throughout the student's campus years. In collaboration with relevant authorities, the institution ensures minimal bureaucracy so as to allow families to stay together harmoniously. Such commitment towards efficiency reflects UIII’s dedication to eliminating barriers and creating an environment conducive to family unity. Ali has been reunified with his spouse immediately after his marriage overseas, with the assistance of the international office. Ali has described his experience, “The process of obtaining a visa was relatively easy, but there was a problem with the residence permit of my wife, as I had to do twice because my wife's residence permit depended on mine, yet everything was clear,”

To this end, UIII has provided different accommodation options suitable for married students and their families. This accommodation’s goal is to foster a sense of community among families as they live away from their homes within the campus. This move ensures that students can engage in their studies without having an effect on their families.

UIII has identified that families face different struggles while pursuing education as a unit. The university offers a supportive community through which families can connect, share experiences, and support each other. Students and parents organize regular events, workshops, and programs oriented towards family strengthening so as to establish bonds beyond the classroom.

UIII knows that striking a balance between academic work and family responsibilities is essential for the welfare of a student. It is under this backdrop that UIII has created an environment where students can perform their domestic roles without necessarily affecting their academics. By doing so, they can achieve overall academic excellence while also having a positive effect on the lives of individuals.