Thriving in Thesis Writing: Valuable Insights from Dr. Destina Wahyu Winarti

May 25, 2023

Contributor: Maroof Ahmed | Editor: Dadi Darmadi

Universitas Islam International Indonesia (UIII) presents Vocalength, a new podcast series that reaffirms its dedication to providing high-quality education and indispensable guidance for students throughout their academic journey.

Dr. Destina Wahyu Winarti, a respected member of the Faculty of Education (FoE), shares her expertise in recent episodes, offering vital guidance to students grappling with drafting their thesis reports. She provides an informative roadmap, outlining the essential steps to craft a compelling thesis report.

Dr. Winarti emphasizes the importance of establishing a clear timeline for the thesis writing process. This timeline helps students visualize the writing duration, understand their progress, determine the appropriate starting point, and set a completion deadline.

Understanding and adhering to the institution's thesis report guidelines is crucial, as emphasized by Dr. Winarti. These guidelines serve as benchmarks to ensure compliance with institutional norms.

Organizing thoughts and ideas is the next crucial step. Dr. Winarti suggests creating a thesis outline using mind maps to overcome difficulties in arranging ideas. The traditional order of a thesis report can be customized to suit individual writing processes.

In addition to these fundamental steps, Dr. Winarti offers valuable tips to support students throughout the thesis writing process. These include breaking down the writing task into manageable chunks, maintaining consistency, seeking peer feedback, learning from others, and upholding effective communication with supervisors.

Dr. Winarti emphasizes the value of consistent communication with supervisors, sharing her own experience of regular biweekly meetings and proactive email updates. This approach helps supervisors track the progress of the work effectively.

Acknowledging the challenges students face, Dr. Winarti suggests countering feelings of overwhelm with rest, seeking assistance, and appreciating personal achievements.

The Vocalength podcast series reflects UIII's commitment to fostering an encouraging environment where students can overcome academic hurdles and achieve their goals. It serves as a reminder that the path to academic success, although challenging, can be navigated successfully with the right tools, resources, and supportive mentors.