Beyond Academia: Recognizing the Contributions of UIII's Community

March 20, 2023

Reporter: Magello Fenis | Photographer: Safiullah | Editor: Supriyono

We've heard inspiring stories and insightful perspectives from both students and professors, which have provided us with inspiration and light bulb moments in continuing our path towards academic success.

However, the academic world can be all-consuming, leaving little room for recognizing the vital contributions of those outside of academia. This often includes administrative staff, security guards, and maintenance workers who go unrecognized for their contributions to the academic community.

Upon arriving at the UIII dormitory after completing my quarantine in Jakarta, in February 2021, I was greeted warmly by a group of administrative staff. However, I also recall the security guard asking me where I was from and showing me how to operate the television and air conditioning. These individuals are the same ones we see every day, yet their contributions often go unnoticed.

As UIII students live in the dormitory from Day 1, we tend to take their presence for granted. However, as my own quote goes, "familiarity should be appreciated and not complained about." It's important to recognize and appreciate the contributions of those outside of academia who help create a supportive and nurturing environment for academic success.

Society is made up of many moving parts, and the UIII community is no exception. Each member plays a vital role in creating a complete and cohesive community. Without their hard work and dedication, UIII would not be the world-class institution it aspires to be.

From the security officers who maintain peace and order on campus, to the maintenance workers and electricians who handle repairs and installations, to the drivers who share in our class schedule stresses, to the construction workers who built the modern facilities, and especially to the food service workers who prepare our daily meals (including the delicious Beef Rendang, crowned the world's most delicious food in a CNN poll), each member of the UIII community is essential.

As we strive to make UIII a world-class university, we must recognize and appreciate the contributions of all community members, not just those within academia. Despite the challenges and limitations faced by a new institution, UIII's workers continue to do a great job.

We must view UIII as a modern university with powerful and efficient engines, made up of reliable working systems. Inclusive excellence should transcend the faculty walls and include all members of the UIII community.

As a metaphor for society, UIII must strive for a community where no one is left behind, and the workers behind the scenes are an integral part of this community. So let us take a moment to thank UIII staff and workers today!