Celebrating Academic Milestones: FoE Holds Thesis Proposal Seminar for MA Students

February 17, 2024

Contributor: Irkham Zamzuri | Editor: Supriyono

UIII, DEPOK - The UIII Faculty of Education (FoE) marked a significant milestone on January 10, 2024, as 17 MA students at the faculty successfully defended their thesis proposals in a seminar that signifies a major step in their academic journey. The event, conducted to rigorously examine each student's thesis proposal, showcased a diverse range of topics reflective of current educational challenges and innovations.

The students' proposals covered a broad spectrum of subjects, including educational leadership, student literacy, the interplay of education and politics, child and student well-being, education and equity, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in education, and climate change education. This diversity not only underlines the comprehensive nature of the program but also highlights the faculty's commitment to addressing contemporary issues in education.

Dr. Tati D. Wardi, the Head of MA in Education Program, in her opening remarks, stressed the importance of the thesis proposal in a student's academic journey. "The thesis proposal is one of the crucial milestones in a student's academic journey. Therefore, it's worth celebrating," she emphasized. Her words underscored the importance of this phase in graduate education, where students transition from learners to contributors to their field.

The success of these 17 students is not just a personal achievement but a testament to the quality of education and mentorship provided by the Faculty of Education at UIII. It also serves as an inspiration to their peers and a beacon of the high standards the university upholds.

As these students now move forward to the next phase of their academic journey - conducting fieldwork and writing their MA thesis - they do so with the confidence and skills honed through rigorous academic training and the support of their mentors and peers. Their future contributions are eagerly anticipated, with the expectation that they will bring forth innovative solutions and insights to the ever-evolving realm of education.

Mayola Andika who wrote about women empowerment through education by nurturing entrepreneurship in a female pesantren (Islamic boarding school) stressed the benefit of the thesis proposal seminar. “Thesis proposal defense is very useful. Because our writing is corrected in detail and then given feedback and suggestions to make our writing better. This also helps us practice public speaking, we also learn to answer examiner questions with a more scientific frame of mind,” she said.

Meanwhile, Tazkia Aulia Rahmah expressed her nerve-wracking experiences after presenting her paper. “In my opinion, even though the aim of the seminar thesis is essentially to convince the lecturer about the title we have chosen, in reality, it is more than just that. We get the opportunity to do more than just present the title, but also provide lecturer input which will later be useful for perfecting our research plans. It still feels scary for students but it also turns out to provide more benefits than what we feared,” she expressed.

The Faculty of Education at UIII continues to be a hub for scholarly excellence and innovation, nurturing future educators, leaders, and researchers who are equipped to tackle the multifaceted challenges in the field of education. This thesis proposal seminar is not just a celebration of academic milestones but also a reflection of the university's commitment to fostering an environment that values academic rigor, diversity of thought, and real-world impact.