Assignment Beyond Papers: FoE’s Innovative Approach in Delving into Educational Psychology

December 05, 2023

Contributor: Erickson Samson | Editor: Supriyono

The 3rd Batch of MA students at UIII’s Faculty of Education (FoE) took a significant step towards fostering a deeper understanding of educational psychology by exhibiting the infographic banners at select UIII facilities. This project is part of the innovative assignment required in the Psychology in Education course, convened by an educational psychology expert Prof. Bambang Suryadi.

Placed prominently at the various strategic campus facilities, the exhibit showcases key ideas, concepts, and implementation strategies, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of renowned figures in educational psychology.

Taking banners as a means of visual communication, the project is aimed not only at promoting awareness and showing appreciation for prominent figures in education and psychology but also to equip the students with creative skills in innovatively communicating knowledge.

The guidance of Prof. Bambang Suryadi ensured the strategic placement of the exhibit in key areas, making the wealth of knowledge easily accessible to the UIII community. Some students included Quranic verses written in Arabic texts to support the theories of prominent figures since UIII, by its name, stands as an Islamic university.

Beyond meeting academic requirements, the students approached this project with a broader vision. Fadlilah Novia Rahmah, a student from Indonesia, highlighted the dual purpose of the initiative, saying: "Students need a lot of information for academic needs, as well as to fulfill their curiosity." Hence, the objective was not merely to check off a task list but to actively contribute to the dissemination of knowledge throughout the campus.

Meanwhile, Bello Ridwan Alaba, a Nigerian student, emphasized the inclusive nature of the exhibit, saying: "It nourishes the readers with detailed information about the [educational psychology] at a glance regardless of what faculties they are from.”

The benefits of this initiative extend beyond the immediate academic community. The visually appealing and information-rich infographics cater not only to the current student body but also serve as valuable resources for the wider UIII community. As individuals take a moment to relax in various areas on campus, they now have the opportunity to absorb insights from these educational and psychological figures.

The showcased figures encompass a diverse range of educational and psychological thought leaders, reflecting the multidimensional nature of the field. From groundbreaking pedagogical methodologies to pioneering psychological theories, the infographics provide a comprehensive overview to foster a culture of lifelong learning within the UIII community.

As the UIII community engages with these infographics, there is a ripple effect of knowledge dissemination. Future students stand to benefit as these visual aids become integral components of the campus environment. The project not only serves as a testament to the dedication of the MA in Education students but also underscores UIII's commitment to nurturing an intellectually vibrant community.

In a world where information is abundant yet often overwhelming, initiatives like these bring clarity and focus to essential concepts in the field of education. The MA in Education students' collaborative effort, guided by Prof. Suryadi, stands as a testament to the potential of education to transcend classrooms and permeate every corner of the campus, exemplifying UIII's commitment to holistic education and the cultivation of a knowledge-rich environment.