UIII Students’ Reflection: Transformative Journey of Growth and Achievement

July 27, 2023

Contributor: Fatima Zahra Fatih, Safiullah Junejo | Editor: Supriyono

The Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) has proven to be a transformative journey for its students, as reflected in the experiences and achievements of Maria Ayaz from Pakistan, Dhian Sintapertiwi and Muhammad Ismail Sunni from Indonesia, and Fatima Zahra Fatih from Marocco. The individual growth and accomplishments at UIII demonstrate the diverse opportunities the university offers to its students.

Maria Ayaz's experience at UIII has been marked by personal empowerment and academic refinement. She eloquently expressed: "Since my transition to the University, a profound evolution has occurred within me." Her journey from shyness to confidence highlights the supportive environment fostered at UIII.

Maria emphasizes the invaluable skills she has developed in academic writing, stating: "Here, I delved deeper into the realm of research articles, mastering the complexities of academic writing, an invaluable skill in academia." UIII's emphasis on academic excellence has played a pivotal role in Maria's personal growth and professional development, equipping her to overcome challenges with confidence.

Meanwhile, Dhian Sintapertiwi's intellectual growth at UIII is evident through expanded perspectives and international recognition. Dhian reflects on her transformation, stating: "I notice that I have changed intellectually because I feel that the way I see a problem is much different than before I entered UIII." Here, UIII's comprehensive approach to education has broadened Dhian's understanding of education, encompassing the roles of various stakeholders.

In addition, Dhian highlighted the impact of research on her problem-solving abilities, stating: "I learned a lot from UIII that research is one of the best ways to answer a question empirically." Dhian's achievements as a UIII representative in international conferences have broadened her horizons and deepened her understanding of education. UIII's unwavering support and commitment to academic growth have been instrumental in Dhian's journey of personal and intellectual transformation.

In the meantime, Muhammad Ismail Sunni's experience at UIII has nurtured his academic excellence and provided him with global exposure. Ismail expressed gratitude for the opportunities UIII had provided. "I'm thankful for being granted this prestigious scholarship as it helps me a lot in facilitating to the best what I need the most to expand my growth in both academic and non-academic pursuits," Ismail said.

UIII's comprehensive amenities, interactions with knowledgeable lecturers, and participation in reputable international conferences have shaped Ismail's academic journey. His achievements at UIII exemplify the university's commitment to nurturing academic excellence and empowering students to reach their full potential.

As for the journey of Fatima Zahra Fatih at UIII, she has experienced remarkable academic growth and the opportunity to establish meaningful connections. She said: “I want to emphasize the significance of meeting influential individuals within the Indonesian environment as UIII guests. These encounters have broadened my perspectives and provided me with valuable insights into their respective fields”.

Furthermore, UIII's collaborations with other countries have extended Fatima’s network beyond national borders, opening doors to exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth. “I am grateful for the chance to visit Bali, one of Indonesia's most captivating islands, as it provided me with a memorable experience and deepened my appreciation for the diverse beauty of this country,” she said.

UIII continues to empower its students through its commitment to personal growth, academic excellence, and fostering connections with influential individuals and global networks. The stories of Maria Ayaz, Dhian Sintapertiwi, Muhammad Ismail Sunni, and Fatima Zahra Fatih exemplify the transformative impact of UIII on students' lives. As UIII remains dedicated to providing opportunities for growth and achievements, it reinforces its position as an institution that shapes the capabilities and aspirations of students before and after their university journey.