Again, UIII Student Receives Top Presenter Award at International Conference

July 06, 2023

Contributor: Safiullah Junejo | Editor: Supriyono & Dadi Darmadi

Hazrat Shah Kayen, a student in the Faculty of Education at Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII), was awarded the Best Presenter prize at the 5th Annual Civic Education Conference and the 5th International Conference on Law and Social Science in Bali, Indonesia. Hazrat received this prestigious award on May 31 in recognition of his exceptional presentation skills and research contributions.

Expressing gratitude and elation, Hazrat stated that receiving the award was an incredible experience. He attributed his triumph to meticulous planning and a well-organized presentation. The conference provided him with a platform to showcase his research and excel in his field.

Hazrat's research focused on the impact of child labor on children's development, particularly in Afghanistan. Motivated by the prevalence of child labor and its negative effects on education in Afghanistan, Hazrat chose this field of study. His presentation shed light on this crucial issue and emphasized the educational rights of children.

To ensure the success of his presentation, Hazrat diligently prepared his materials in advance. He organized his research and findings into a PowerPoint presentation, dividing it into stages and phases. This approach allowed him to transition seamlessly between various points and maintain a connection throughout his presentation.

Hazrat faced no significant obstacles during the conference, as his presentation was well-received by both his colleagues and the professionals in attendance.

Reflecting on his participation in the conference, Hazrat highlighted the significant benefits he gained in terms of networking, experience, and potential collaborations with other researchers. The award has significantly boosted his confidence to pursue similar academic endeavors, further enhancing his knowledge and skills in educational research.

When asked about the most memorable moments during the conference, Hazrat mentioned two major highlights. First, receiving the title of Best Presenter was a remarkable accomplishment. Second, he was gratified by the positive feedback and acknowledgment he received from the conference delegates, who recognized the significance of his presentation.

Hazrat believes that this honor will positively influence his future academic and professional pursuits. It has inspired him to actively seek additional opportunities for personal and professional development within the field of education research.

He advises fellow students who aspire to excel in academic presentations or conferences to stay updated on international forums, symposia, and gatherings. By engaging in such activities, students can pave the way for future academic success.

Hazrat expressed profound gratitude for the assistance he received from UIII. The university provided financial and motivational support, enabling him to attend the conference and achieve this notable recognition. He acknowledged the entire education faculty and the UIII community for their unwavering encouragement and support.

This recognition is a testament to the academic environment and opportunities offered at UIII. As a globally renowned university, UIII is dedicated to nurturing a research culture and fostering the growth and development of its students, faculty, and staff.

Hazrat aspires to become a prominent figure in education research, focusing on crucial issues such as education policy and leadership, access to quality education, and educational evaluation and assessment. He plans to build upon this accomplishment by participating in similar events, paving the way for a prosperous and rewarding academic career.

UIII takes pride in its students' achievements and will continue to support them in their pursuit of academic and professional excellence. []