Nouha Khelfa: I Feel Blessed!

August 15, 2022, (Depok) - When I first got selected to join UIII, I was sure that I would have a dream experience, but when I started living the dream, I was astonished that reality can actually be a way better than dreams.

My journey so far in UIII is divided into online and offline. During the first semester, I only met UIII team virtually because of Covid-19 widespread, yet I felt that I was present with them because the way everything managed was perfect. I became friends with everyone quickly and smoothly.

When I arrived in Indonesia in late February, I did not feel like I changed my country Algeria, or even a whole continent because of the warm and kindhearted atmosphere I found here at UIII.

Further, the world class quality of education I receive in the Faculty of Social Sciences makes me feel blessed that I have been chosen among more than a thousand applicants to learn from one of the best professors of political science both Indonesian and international. I always believe that when we work hard for the benefit of humanity, we always find people like us in our journey to help us achieve our noble goals; I have found these people at UIII.

Nouha Khelfa is an MA student from Algeria, at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII)