UIII Vision & Mission Milestone

UIII Vision and Mission Journey

In developing UIII's Vision and Mission, UIII received a lot of guidance and suggestions from many associations, especially from the relevant institutions. As a campus that aims to become an international campus, the process of establishing a vision and mission must be in line with that goal. Thus, the inputs received in the discussion become more prosperous.

Here are some of UIII's vision and mission development journeys that take place in 2021:

On March 18, 2021, Commission V of The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) visited the UIII campus.

This visit aims to conduct briefings on how the vision and mission of the campus must be formed by the interests of the nation and state.

On March 24, 2021, UIII held a Technical Work and Evaluation Meeting, which was held at the Santika Hotel, Banten. In this meeting, the draft vision and mission of UIII were discussed.

On April 5, 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu) delegation visited UIII to see campus developments and provide input for UIII's vision and mission.

On April 12, 2021, UIII had a joint meeting with the Presidential Staff Office (KSP). In this meeting, a discussion of UIII's vision and mission was carried out with almost all of UIII's leaders.

On April 29, 2021, the Indonesian Presidential Chief of Staff, Dr. Moeldoko, visited UIII to see the progress of UIII's development. After looking at the construction of UIII, Dr. Moeldoko and UIII had a meeting in the dormitory building, and one of the discussions was about UIII's vision and mission.

On June 16, 2021, the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Zainudin Amali, visited UIII to hold a meeting. Various things were discussed at this meeting, one of which was input for UIII's vision and mission. After that, Menpora saw the condition of campus development.

On September 9, 2021, the Minister of Religion Affairs, H. Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, together with the Director General of Islamic Education, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Ramdhani, visited the campus and held a meeting with UIII leaders. A discussion regarding UIII's vision and mission was carried out at this meeting.

The Minister of Religion suggested that this campus should be helpful to for Muslims worldwide through the research it produces and its graduates.