Charyna Rizqyanti

About Me
Charyna Ayu Rizkyanti, Ph.D., has expertise in Human Developmental Psychology, Character Building, and Integrity. Her research focused on empathy has been presented at several international conferences (IAFOR - Tokyo, KIBSS - Seoul, etc.) and published in international and national reputation journals. Her empathy research 15 has also taken her as a keynote speaker at International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering and Technology, India, in September 2021. In March 2021, she won a grant for Digital Module Innovation from the Ministry of Education and Culture. As a leader in her team, we have developed a website, “Ayo Berempati di Media Sosial” which can be accessed on desktop and mobile through the link She is a reviewer of the Jurnal Psikologi Gunadarma, Jurnal Psikologi Sosial Universitas Indonesia, Journal Humanisma: Journal of Gender Study – IAIN Bukitting, and Jurnal Abdi Implementasi Pancasila, Universitas Pancasila. Dr. Charyna graduated with a Master of Arts and a Ph.D. in Human Developmental Psychology from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Dr. Charyna can be reached by email at

About research interest: “My research interest focuses on Empathy, particularly taken from a developmental psychology perspective, and consistently brings empathy as the life essence conveys to society.”

Work Experience
Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia

Faculty of Education

Universitas Pancasila, Fakultas Psikologi
2015 - PRESENT

Wadek 1 FPSI UP (Akademik, Kemahasiswaan dan Alumni)

2016 s/d 2020

Kepala Pusat Kajian Perkembangan dan Klinis

2017 s/d 2018

Universitas Al Azhar Jakarta, Fakultas Psikologi
2013 - 2015

UIN Jakarta/ Fakultas Psikologi
2011 - 2012

Ph.D Human Development Psychology
UKM Malaysia

Master, Human Development Psychology
UKM Malaysia

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
UII Yogyakarta

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