Faculty of Education Writing Competition

Muslim Education Review (MER) is an international journal published by Faculty of Education at Indonesian International Islamic University (IIIU). MER is a forum for reporting research on education within the areas of curriculum and pedagogy, assessment and evaluation, policy and leadership, and education and society.

Related research in a context of societies predominantly Muslim (Muslim societies) and Muslim communities are strongly encouraged. MER is published in thematic and non-thematic issues that reflect on historical and contemporary policy and practice in a wide range of educational settings (formal and informal). Selected themes focus on issues that are relevant to the field of education, with implications for policy nationally and/or globally.

MER strives to provide open access, clearly written articles that are free of technical jargon to policy makers and educators at all levels, including those directly involved with student learning on a daily basis. Theoretical, empirical, and policy related articles are welcomed that address critical issues in education throughout the world. To this end, MER launches the Research Paper Writing Competition in 2022 specifically as a competitive and incentivized opportunity for emerging scholars and professionals.

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February 28th, 2022 (Full Paper Submission Deadline)

March 21st, 2022 (Awards Announcement)

Contact Person

Nadya: +62 812 5522 3005


Papers should be written in English and typically range between 6,000 to 8,000 words (including a 250 word maximum of abstract). All submissions should be:

Please send the submission to education@uiii.ac.id subject: 2022 Writing Competition