Bahrain Promotes UIII to Gulf Countries

April 25, 2024

Contributors: M. Luthfi Hamidi & M. Nagib Alatas

UIII, JAKARTA - The Kingdom of Bahrain Embassy's Deputy Head of Mission, Her Excellency Shaima Najam, will host a collaborative event with Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII).

"We intend to invite representatives from other Gulf countries' embassies to our office," Najam said to a delegation from UIII's Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Thursday (25/4/2024). "A UIII representative will showcase the university's strengths and promote its academic programs to a wider audience in the Gulf region," She added.

The FEB delegation comprised Ugi Suharto, Director of the Center of Excellence in Islamic Finance for SDGs, M Luthfi Hamidi, Head of the MA in Economics Program, and Muhamad Nagib Alatas, an FEB research fellow. Their visit aimed to strengthen ties with Bahrain and encourage Bahraini students to consider UIII for their studies.

Najam further pledged to offer internship opportunities to UIII students, providing them with valuable practical experience in an international setting. This initiative will undoubtedly enrich their academic journey and prepare them for the global workforce.

Najam also committed to sharing information about UIII with the Bahraini Ministry of Education. This strategic move aims to raise awareness of UIII's academic programs and attract talented Bahraini students to pursue higher education at the prestigious institution.

Additionally, Najam invited Ugi Suharto, who has extensive experience in Bahrain (having spent over nine years there), to speak at a prestigious Kadin event. This invitation allows Suharto to leverage his expertise in Bahraini affairs and the Indonesian economy. This speaking engagement presents an exceptional platform for UIII to showcase the expertise of its faculty members.