Jusuf Kalla Advocates for International Cooperation in Kabul Visit

June 07, 2024

Contributor: Dadi Darmadi | Photo: Tim Media JK

Jakarta — Dr. Jusuf Kalla, Indonesia's 10th and 12th Vice President and a prominent advocate for peace and education, visited Kabul this week under an invitation from the Taliban-led government of the Islamic State of Afghanistan. This marked his fourth trip to the war-torn nation, demonstrating his enduring commitment to international cooperation, Afghan stability and development.

Kalla, who also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII), arrived with a mission centered on educational reform, particularly for women, alongside economic and social cooperation. His visit underscored the strategic importance of Afghanistan, a nation marred by nearly half a century of conflict, from British to Russian to American interventions.

A New Vision for Afghan Women’s Education

"Afghanistan holds a special value for me," Kalla said in an exclusive interview with national daily KOMPAS. "The country's long journey through civil wars has created significant challenges, but there is immense potential for recovery and growth, especially in education."

Central to Kalla's mission was advocating for Afghan women’s right to education. Despite the restrictive educational policies currently in place, Kalla expressed optimism after discussions with Afghanistan's Vice Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, who appeared receptive to his proposals for gradual reform."

In our talks, they agreed with my view on the need for change. They acknowledged the importance of education for all and promised to work towards gender equality as stipulated in their constitution," he explained.

This commitment was visually underscored when young Afghan girls staged a protest in front of Kabul’s Ministry of Education on March 26, 2022, demanding the reopening of schools for girls. The poignant demonstration highlighted the urgency and public support for the educational reforms Kalla champions []. 

Source: https://www.kompas.id/baca/english/2024/06/05/en-jusuf-kalla-afghanistan