Prof. R. Bob Garratt Sheds Lights on the Essence of Governance at UIII SF Updates

June 26, 2024

Contributor: Sihabudin NF | Editor: Supriyono

UIII, DEPOK - On June 13, 2024, the Director of Good Governance Development Ltd., Prof. R 'Bob' Garratt, delivered a virtual public lecture on the topic “Essence of Governance”, as part of the SF Updates series held by the Master of Finance in Sustainable Finance program at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII).

Professor R. Bob Garratt discussed the current state of governance worldwide. "Today, we face global disillusionment with governance. It is very sad that we see failing institutions, leadership deficits, and a lack of environmental control,” he remarked. 

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During the two-hour-long lecture, Prof. R 'Bob' Garratt outlined that effective governance requires a system of checks and balances to facilitate accountability among management, business units, and the board of directors. He also emphasized that the essence of corporate governance lies in enterprise and the commitment to achieving meaningful outcomes for humanity. 

"I have a message for you as the next generation. Becoming a leader or director is a 24/7 responsibility. It is not just about what happens at board meetings. It is about how you think, how you behave, and how you actually direct and control your business. You always have to be mindful of it," Garratt said. 

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At the end of the lecture, Prof. R 'Bob' Garratt took questions from the class members and offered advice on the problems and challenges they raised. "If you are on a board, you have to enjoy it. If you are not enjoying it and not having fun, get off that board," he concluded. 

SF Updates is a series of events where experts in sustainable finance share their insights on the latest developments in this ever-changing field. As part of its commitment to supporting sustainability, UIII has opened a Master of Finance in Sustainable Finance in 2023, featured as a comprehensive finance education with a deep focus on sustainable development. 

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Prof. Garratt's lecture not only provided valuable insights into the essence of governance but also inspired the next generation of leaders to embrace their roles with integrity and dedication. His emphasis on the continuous responsibility of leadership and the importance of enjoying one's role resonated deeply with the audience. As UIII continues to develop sustainable finance education, events like these underscore the university's commitment to cultivating knowledgeable and ethically-driven leaders for the future.