Research at UIII

At UIII, strengthening the academic research culture is a top priority. To turn UIII into an Islamic higher education institution with an international reputation, we seek to develop a center of excellence in studies and research associated with Islam and the Muslim society and is able to address the society‚Äôs real needs and challenges.

As such, the strategy adopted by UIII is oriented toward a diverse approach by considering existing potential at UIII. This means it is absolutely necessary to strengthen strategic institutional components, such as students and educators, as well as facilities and infrastructure.

Based on the above, there are at least 3 (three) important basic strategies to develop UIII. First, the input side of the Islamic religious higher education institution can be improved in terms of human resources, namely the students and the educators. Second, the existing academic culture can be strengthened. Third, institutions supporting UIII as an icon of study and research institutions that are internationally oriented and associated with Islam and the Muslim society can be both bolstered and empowered.