UIII Alumni Receive Research Grants, Special Award at IRIFair 2023

November 12, 2023

Contributor: Kante Hamed | Editor: Supriyono

Muhammad Rosyid and Mufti Labib, two graduates from the MA program in Islamic Studies at the Universitas Islam International Indonesia (UIII), have made their alma mater proud by participating in the prestigious Indonesia Research and Innovation Fair (IRIFair) 2023, taking home research grants and a special award.

Organized by the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), the fair brought together over 700 participants from undergraduate and postgraduate levels, all vying for recognition in the world of scientific research. Despite its inaugural status, IRIFair 2023 attracted immense interest and saw only 60 scientific papers selected as finalists, with Rosyid and Labib among them.

Held from September 20 to 23, 2023 at the BRIN Science and Technology Area in Cibinong, West Java, this event encompassed diverse research categories. Participants were required to present their work in a 7-minute closed presentation before a panel of examiners. Subsequently, they defended their research arguments for an additional 10 minutes by responding to questions and comments.

The competition also featured a scientific poster contest and a captivating 3-Minute Research (3MR) competition, where finalists had to succinctly present their research to a large audience.

What sets Rosyid and Labib apart is their exceptional research contributions in the form of master's theses. Labib's thesis, titled "Muslim-Convert Preachers in Indonesia: Religious Authority, Biblical Texts, and Muslims' Acceptance," delved into the fascinating phenomenon of Muslim preachers who, as converts from Christianity, incorporated Biblical texts into their lectures.

"It was a profound experience exploring the unique dynamics of these preachers, their religious authority, and the impact of using Biblical texts. This competition allowed me to share these insights with a wider audience", Labib expressed whilst reflecting on his findings.

Meanwhile, Rosyid submitted his thesis titled "Embracing Faith and Fun: The Emergence of Bikers Subuhan in Central Java," which explored the emergence of biker groups as part of the hijra community, aiming to spread the message of faith engagingly and enjoyably.

In addition to the invaluable experience and recognition gained through participation and the research grants, Rosyid achieved further success by clinching a “special award” at the competition, thanks to his research topic that attracted the interest of the judges.

"I am very happy to receive these awards; it bolsters my motivation to pursue a research career. I would like to extend my gratitude to UIII and the Faculty of Islamic Studies for funding our thesis research, and to our dedicated lecturers for their efforts in promoting our poster through voting", Rosyid said.

UIII rightfully takes pride in its alumni, who have excelled in prestigious competitions and contributed high-quality research in their respective fields. Rosyid and Labib's accomplishments are expected to inspire current and future students, underscoring UIII’s commitment to nurturing exceptional talent and fostering a spirit of innovation.